Occupy Wall Street

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New York Observer Exclusive Occupy Wall Street Unaired Fox Footage

Occupy Wall Street What the corporate media do not want you to see!

Posted on October 13th 2011 in Employment, Labor Relations, Leadership

No Jobs For Recent Graduates

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No Jobs For Recent Graduates

Amanda M. Fairbanks

NEW YORK — Ashley Moore never planned on moving back in with her parents.

Nearly a year after graduating from college, Moore, 22, also never expected to still be waking up in her old twin bed every morning.

“It’s been difficult because not only was I on my own, I was really far away,” explains Moore, a St. Louis, Mo., native who graduated from Pace University in New York City. At one point, she spent an entire year away. “What I miss most is my freedom and having my own space.”

We spoke yesterday via Skype. You can see Moore describe what it’s been like to move back home:

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Posted on April 23rd 2011 in Education, Employment